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PrimeFinder v1.0
A small handy tool to find prime numbers
Roman Black - 6th Dec 2010.

What is it?

PrimeFinder 1.0 is a small fast program, that lets you find a prime number very quickly, or test if a number is a prime number.

It is normally used in programming and math tasks, if you need to find a prime number near a specific size.

PrimeFinder is very fast and convenient compared to other programs that are slow with larger numbers or slow online converters with advertising!

Using it

Just enter any number into the top box and select if you want to find a prime number above or below that number. The closest prime number is found and displayed in BLUE.

If the number you entered is already a prime then the original number is displayed.

PrimeFinder works with all 32-bit numbers, so it can use any number between 0 and 4294967295 (4.2 billion). It uses a standard prime-divisor algorithm that is guaranteed 100% accurate in testing numbers for being prime, and the algorithm is optimised for speed. It finds your prime number "instantly".

Download it!

PrimeFinder 1.0 works with Win95, Win98 and XP and Vista. Windows 7 is unknown.

It is freeware.

The ZIP file below contains just the PrimeFinder.exe file, which is all you need.

Right-click HERE to download Prime10.ZIP (340 kb).

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