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BS Clock 1.0 (for Windows)
A Windows clock using the "Black-Standard" for binary clock displays
Roman Black - 23 Mar 2007 - web Feb 2008 - web pics fixed Jan 2009.

ALSO click HERE for the description of my Black-Standard for Binary Clocks

ALSO click HERE to build your own PIC based binary clock kit!

What is it?

BS Clock 1.0 is a clock that runs under Windows. It demonstrates my "Black-Standard" for binary clock displays. It is a fully functional clock that displays hours and minutes but they are displayed in binary.

Binary clocks are gaining popularity, mostly as a curio for nerds and clock enthusiasts. I developed the Black-Standard as an easily-readable and logical standard for a simple binary clock display. This Windows example demonstrates the Black-Standard as a working clock.

Click HERE to read my Black-Standard for binary clock displays.

How to use it

BS Clock is very simple. Just run the BS_Clock.EXE file and the clock is running.

A single (left) mouse click on the clock face toggles it from bordered mode to borderless mode.

A right mouse click on the clock face opens the options box, see below;

In the option box you can adjust these options;
  • Colour of the binary segments (the clock face colour)
  • If a conventional digits (numeral) clock is also shown
  • If un-lit segments are shown, or "clock is in the dark"
  • If the clock is to be "always on top" of other windows

    What is the point of it?

    I wrote this Windows clock as part of the testing of my Black-Standard. It is of little use unless you are also interested in the standard or have some interest in binary clocks or unusual clocks.

    It did allow me to develop and refine the segment shape, and test the "in the dark" readability of the standard itself. If you are thinking of building a binary clock this little clock will allow you to "play" with the idea and see if it is worth it.

    With the source code (below) you can change the shape and size of the segments to make a personalised Black-Standard binary Windows clock.

    See above the clock in its simplest form, no border, no numerals, and "in the dark".
    Can you tell the time?

    Open-source software code!

    I wrote BS Clock 1.0 in Borland C Builder. I have provided the "guts" of the source code here so you can write your own Windows applications. The forms and headers are also provided. If you are skilled in C++ for Windows apps using any major compiler you should be able to get a clock running in an hour or so using the guts from my source code, just create a new project and add the forms, headers and .cpp files, then build it.

    Please don't email me saying this source code is clumsy! I know that. It was done in a hurry with minimal commenting etc. Use it as you wish, but don't complain or ask for my help to debug your program!

    SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! It is in the .ZIP file with the program itself (below).

    Download the Clock!

    BS Clock 1.0 works with Win95, Win98, WinXP and probably Vistacide.

    It is Freeware which means you can use it for free for personal or corporate use. It is also open-source which means I have provided source code for you to create or modify a windows clock for yourself. All I require is that you credit me as the original creator of this standard and clock software and mention my web page.

    The ZIP file below contains;
  • BSClock.exe (fully working clock software for Windows)
  • BSClock.txt (the readme.txt)
  • BSC10SO Folder (all the C++ source code for the clock!)

    Right-click HERE to download BSClK10.ZIP (292 kb).

    - end -

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