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EEDraw 1.0 beta (for Dos)
Roman Black - Jan 2002

What is it?

EEDraw 1.0 is a program that enables you to "draw" circuits and diagrams with the mouse, which can then be saved as standard text.

This allows the quick addition of circuits and diagrams to emails.

How to use it

EEDraw runs under Dos but on most Win95 and Win98 computers it will run ok from a desktop icon (autoloading a Dos window). It requires a video card that is 800x600x256c compatible and VESA compatible, common standards.

How it works;
  • When it starts it loads EEDRAW.TXT ready to edit
  • Left mouse button draws wires (lines)
  • Right mouse button erases
  • Lines auto join with a * character
  • Left-clicking a * character toggles join on/off
  • When char is YELLOW you can type text in
  • When SAVE is clicked it saves the text as EEDRAW.TXT again
  • Press ESC to exit program

    Limitations and known problems

  • Requires Dos VESA 800x600 mode only
  • No BLOCK edit functions completed, it only draws lines and text
  • No file renaming, it only loads and saves EEDRAW.TXT
  • Text width is fixed at maximum 128 chars

    Known Problems;
  • With some video cards that are not VESA compatible it will not run at all and appear to crash to a black screen or garbage on screen. Pressing ESC will normally exit the EEDraw program with no issues. In some rare cases the PC may need to be reset.

    Windows XP;
  • Seems to work ok on most PC's with VESA compatible video cards, as with other Windows setups. Running a "Command Prompt" 800x600x256c box before running EEDraw will often allow the program to run under XP it if had problems.

  • EEDraw is unfinished. It works fine on most older computers and many new computers for the simple task of drawing a quick "text" circuit diagram. Since issues have been reported with some video cards I won't be spending any more time on this Dos version.

    Download it!

    EEDRaw 1.0 beta for Dos

    It is Hippyware which means you can use it for free for personal or corporate use and you only pay me IF you choose. Payment is $10 USD or a postcard etc.

    The ZIP file below contains these 4 files:
  • EEDraw.EXE
  • eedraw.txt (the saved text "picture")
  • new_palx.gif (palette data)
  • escreen.gif (screenshot from program exit)

    Right-click HERE to download EEDraw.ZIP (58 kb).

    - end -

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