Just in case you are one of those rare people who want to send me some cash or a postcard as a thank you you can mail something to me here;

c/o Roman Black
PO Box 6009
Bundaberg QLD 4670

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supports the concept of hippyware and donationware. I am a philanthropist and give a lot of my ideas and hard work away for free, but it is still nice to know that my efforts are appreciated.

Regarding my email, I can be emailed at this address; roman@romanAPPLEblack.com
(just remove the FRUIT from my email to use it!)

I normally try to read every email, BUT please keep in mind that I may only check my emails every few weeks or when I feel like it, so I may not reply to you, although I do read all emails and I do appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Be excellent to each other!
-Roman Black

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