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QuadLock's freeware Unitconv.exe
Freeware program to convert between standard units.

I did NOT make this software!
It is made by QuadLock at www.quadlock.com

This freeware program can be used to convert between standard units.

As an example it can convert;
  • Inches to mm
  • oz/in to Kg/cm
  • Watts to Horsepower

    It has a huge range of standard units, this really is a gem of a converter.


    Under preferences in the program's menu (Options->Preferences->Custom) you can add entire categories, or just add another unit to an existing category.

    This allows you to tune the converter for your own needs.

    As an example I added the unit kg/cm to the "torque" category, as this is a unit I use frequently with stepper motors and it is handy to convert old units like oz/in and Nm and milli-Nm to a more palatable unit like Kg/cm.

    Download it

    The file unitconv.zip contains the Unitconv.EXE which is all you need.

    Click HERE to download uniconv.zip (134kb)

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