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Black RNG Windows Software

New! 26th Nov 2010
This software is not pretty to look at but it does work to generate high quality random data as a 1000000 byte file, and to display some basic testing on the generated data.

This should run ok on all Windows from Win98, XP and Vista, I'm not sure about Windows 7. After it does the randomisation it automatically saves the 1000000 byte file to disk, in the local folder, so in Vista you need to be in administartor mode (I think) to allow it to save the file.

Here is the .ZIP file containing the following;
BlackRNG.EXE (610 kb)
BlackRNG.TXT (1 kb)


For details on how the Black RNG algorithm works and for the RNG source code used in the above software please see my main RNG page; The Black RNG Engine